FAQs for posting on Instagram

Why do I need to space my Instagram posts?

Instagram doesn't allow you to perfectly space your posts directly on the app. This results in bunched up text that is harder for your followers to read. When you take the time to break your post into easy to read sections, your engagement and post interactions skyrocket.

It's a bit like staging a home to sell. Will it sell with stuff everywhere and not properly presented? Possibly. But now compare this to a home that has been intentionally styled in a way that shows the potential buyer all the features. What would you prefer?

How can I format my Instagram posts?

To help give you some ideas we have created some post templates for you to use. Simply, copy and paste a template and edit to your liking.

Should I use emojis?

Yes! Personally, we love emojis. Social media is a fun tool to communicate with your followers and potential clients. So why not show them your brand personality with some fun emojis.

Emojis aren't really my thing. Is there anything else I can use instead?

Yes, definitely. There is a range of symbols that are more simplistic in style and can break up your posts. Why not try copying some of the below symbols in your posts:

My posts are perfectly spaced but aren't receiving the kind of engagement I want. HELP!

There are many things that could help your engagement. If you aren't already looking at your analytics we suggest this is where you start. Head over to the audience section or your Instagram account and make sure you are posting at the optimum time your followers are on Instagram. This will work in favour of the algorithm and help your followers to see your posts.

What about hashtags? Should I put them in the caption or the first comment?

Where you put your hashtags is really up to you. But with Perfectly Spaced Posts you can space out your posts so the hashtags are at the bottom and out of sight from the caption. Alternatively, you can put them in the first comment if you want to leave your caption looking clean and easy to read.

Create posts for Instagram with perfect spacing

Input your desired text in the box below and this tool will convert it into the perfect format for Instagram.

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1. Write or paste your text in the field. Add line breaks where you desire.

2. Press the ‘Copy for Instagram’ button. Now go to your Instagram post and paste the content.